We pride ourselves on weaving together a beautiful mosaic of a different practices, by offering empowering and unique workshops designed to explore deeper concepts and lineages. Themed monthly, our workshops can include: sound healing, shamanic events or focused on the powerful cycles of the light such as solstice, equinox, new moon and full moon aspects.

Monthly Events

Monthly Writing &
Meditation Group

Illuminate and Write: a literary asana.

Our monthly writing and meditation group provides the supportive space to creatively and freely express yourself through writing.
You will be lead through a guided meditation to tap into a state of receptivity and awareness followed by silent writing on our monthly theme. There will be the opportunity for group sharing, supportive feedback, writing tips and a closing celebration.
Group writings are featured on our blog as well as published selectively in our yearly Zine.

Andria Alefhi

“I have always been a writer. I have never been a writer.”

In 5th grade English, Mrs. Piteressi told us we all had to get a journal. Like a diary, she said. That was the start of writing for me. No one had ever asked me to write my thoughts before. I didn’t even know I had thoughts until I had put them to paper. After this semester of creative writing, I started keeping a diary even though it was no longer required as a reposi-tory for private thoughts and poetry. I had found a vehicle into creativity and safety.

In 10th grade English I learned that I had no idea how to write a paper. Somehow I had gotten to this point without learning organizational skills to come up with a main idea and supporting points. I can still picture piles of index cards with one sentence each, in color codes for intro, middle and conclusion covering the basement poker table and aimless, stressful hours of trying to write a persuasive thesis paper. Again in college, fresh-man English composition homework had ‘see me in office hours’ written at the bottom of every paper. I didn’t know I had such a poor grasp of most grammatical rules and had just been passed along through high school. I worked super hard for that B+ and that was the last writing class I ever took.

Luckily, there were resources like the writing center in college and later, computers with spell check and grammar check. And when I no longer had to write papers for college or graduate school, I wrote for myself. I wrote about heartbreak, pain and life experiences and I could style my writing my way without the stress of a grade judging me. I founded the lit-erary journal We’ll Never Have Paris in 2007 as a way to keep writing with the mission to publish ‘people not writers’. Now an annual, bicoastal publi-cation with a small but dedicated team, we are the only print literary jour-nal dedicated to memoir and personal essays. We believe that anyone and everyone can write, just like everyone can do yoga.

I write because I have to. I write to organize my thoughts, to liberate and view them. This is how I learn about myself. How about you, why do you write? Are you new to writing or writer new to yoga? Do you need the structure of a group or write as part of a daily practice? All are welcome in this new community.

Andria Alefhi

Kim Cihlar

Kim came to yoga over a decade ago, using the practice as a way of transforming herself, inside and out. The path she chose has served her well. Yoga became her guide, her teacher, her reason for finding and maintaining a sober and ecstatic heart, mind and soul. An entire new world of awareness, presentness and true authentic being has spun out from that centered wholeness over the years.

As a writer, traveler, jewelry designer and lover of life, Kim has followed a course of study and self-learning that has expanded her world exponentially. She’ll tell you she doesn’t know why she waited so long to jump into her initial 200-Hour training, nearly 2 years ago with Yoga to the People. It had been calling to her for years. Her next 200-Hour training a few months after that (with SOS/Science of Self leader Rose Erin Vaughan and co-teacherYoshio Hamas), delved more into Meridian acupressure and other wellness modalities like cupping, moxa and Gua Sha. She continues to dive deeper into the learnings of acupressure and how that affects asana, emotional balance and energetic wellness. She’s currently training for certification in Meridian Yoga Therapy Level 2, also with Rose Erin Vaughan, slated for completion the end of July 2019.

Kim Cihlar