“Out of the cave, the shining ones rise
A hope awoke in their eyes
We weave a new myth into the timeline.”

~Deya Dova


This line from Deya’s “Myth of the Cave” has been playing over and over in my mind. As we all have been forced to retreat to our individual caves during this time of Covid, I hold a fervent hope that we will emerge changed in some deep and meaningful way. The cave, like the cocoon has always been symbolic of a kind of re-birth or transformation. That is what Metamorphosis is. It is change at a cellular level, the kind of shift that does not allow the organism to be as it once was. Deep within the cocoon or cave, the old form must be surrendered, the habitual ways set to pause…and profound (sometimes painful) inner work must be ignited. At the end of it all, a new creature emerges endowed with a kind of radiance and beauty only earned by undergoing a tremendously challenging passage.
The invitation is there for us to allow this liminal space to evolve us into brighter, more aware, more connected and expansive beings. This, of course, means that we must be willing to unravel the old patterns (including the rushing, the excess consumption, the forms of complacency etc). Of course, there is a part of every one of us that longs for things to return to “normal”. And yet the gift of this time, separation and it’s ensuing perspective is to see how that “normal” was stunting our growth as individuals and as a collective. The call then is to activate the higher principles within ourselves, those principles that expand our resonance and potential.
Are you willing to truly undergo a metamorphosis? Am I? Shall we commit to emerging from our caves polished bright by the challenging work of conscious transformation, eyes luminous with awareness and hope? Shall we weave a new myth into the timeline…a myth threaded with the glittering principles of Truth, Balance, Wisdom and Love?
Practice at home

Meditation to Discover the Beauty and the Heavens Within

“There’s nothing outside of us. It’s all inside of us. If you search outside you are wasting time. It’s all inside. And when we feel beautiful inside, fulfilled inside, wow, it’s so good.

Be alert, it’s a tricky beat. Reach out and touch the Heavens.” –YB

Mudra and Movement: Sit in easy pose, spine straight, chin in slightly towards chest. Bend the elbows down by sides, and bring the hands up to the sides of each shoulder, so the wrists are at shoulder level, and the hands are about even with the level of your ears. Make the hands flat, palms face forward, with fingers spread wide and pointing towards the ceiling.

(a) Bring your thumbs in so the pads of the thumbs press against the “mounds of Mercury,’ the fleshy mounds just below the pinkie finger on the palm of your hand.

(b) Immediately close your fingers over the thumbs, and squeeze the fingers.

(c) Immediately fling your fingers wide open and straight.

Although this movement contains three parts, they are done as one continuous movement, with no pauses between the sections.

Eyes: Unspecified.

Music & Mantra: Rhythms of Gatka by Matamandir Singh or 1 beat per second. Chant Har on every fourth beat, and as it is chanted, the navel point is drawn in and the hands are closed at exactly the same moment. Remember to chant the mantra by flicking the tip of the tongue against the upper palate.

Time: Practiced in class for 17.5 minutes.

To End: Inhale very deeply and make your hands into fists. Squeeze the entire body, shifting the energy into every cell of the being. Don’t lose this chance. Hold the breath 10 seconds. Cannon-fire breath out. Repeat 3 times total, and relax.

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