“What is it that is so interesting about what’s happening everywhere else but where you are?” Eric Overby

Contentment: The ability to dance with whatever is in front of you.

What happens when you find yourself in a situation that you don’t want to be in, or wishing that things were different. We can fall victim in those moments to spending all of our energy resisting the reality that it’s happening rather than using that precious life force to take on what’s in front of us.

It matters greatly how we use our attention, and therefore our energy. It determines what space we have to think and act creatively and intuitively, and how stress affects our minds and bodies.

Contentment is often seen as giving up or settling for less than what we wanted, but it’s not so. What contentment offers us is an openness to see and welcome in what is happening so that we can use our energy to handle the situation from an elevated state of awareness. It’s only when we see things clearly can we actually get anywhere.

Avoidance of something doesn’t make it go away, it just makes us unaware of how it’s affecting us. When we make the choice to be excited by whatever our next dance partner is, it can help free move through challenges. It can also fill us with profound gratitude by recognizing and allowing the love and support that surrounds us. We can experience how truly strong we are when connected our higher awareness and soul purpose, and realize that whatever is in front of us was meant us to contend with.

Practice at home

Meditation to be a Steady Warrior

This meditation will help you use Fear wisely and to handle any real-life challenge.

Begin by tuning-in with the Adi Mantra (chant Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 3-5x).

Time: 11 – 31 minutes (start with 3-5 minutes and build up to maximum)

Mantra: SA TA NA MA The sounds SA-TA-NA-MA are regenerative. Sa is Infinity. Ta is Life/Existence. Na is Death. Ma is Rebirth/Transformation. These sounds describe the cycle of life. They open Intuition and stimulate the pituitary to make you calm and fearless.

Close your eyes and relax your arms along the sides of your torso. Press the elbows to the sides and lift your arms up until they are parallel to the ground and the hands are in front of the body with palms up.

Separate the hands about 3 feet from each other so the forearms form an angle of about 120 degrees. Bring the fingers of each hand together so all 5 fingertips touch and point up. The arm position should feel very relaxed. Remove any tension from the shoulders and neck.

Mentally focus at the top of the nose where the eyebrows meet (the browpoint).
Regulate the breath precisely: Deeply inhale and then completely exhale. Suspend the breath out for 16 regular beats. Then quickly inhale and exhale again and hold the exhale out. Continue this cycle.

As you hold the breath out, concentrate at the brow point with a mental mantra. Pulse these sounds: SA-TA-NA-MA–SA-TA-NA-MA–SA-TA-NA-MA–SA-TA-NA-MA (4X for a total of 16 beats). The sounds regulate the time of the breath so it is the same on each cycle.
To end: Take a few deep breaths and stretch lightly.

Note: By holding the breath out, you intentionally create a small “emergency” that excites your survival instincts and fear. The hand postures and mentally repeated sounds create a conscious counterbalance that puts you consciously in control of Fear. That’s all you need to use Fear wisely and to handle any real-life challenge.

From ”Senses of the Soul” by GuruMeher Khalsa