“Every person is afraid to identify himself or herself because they don’t have caliber. Caliber is the capacity of an individual to identify the inner self, and project one’s identity. Caliber is the total capacity of an individual to communicate and to project one’s identity”.
Yogi Bhajan
Caliber: the quality of one’s character


When we wake up, we don’t know whether we’ll make the train, be nearly bumped by a girl on a pink scooter, fall in love, find out our great uncle is in the hospital, be serenaded by a musician with a questionably tuned guitar, help someone with their luggage, hug a friend, or maybe even what we’ll have for lunch. What we do know is that we will be presented with a wide range of experiences. Some of these experiences will easily call forth the best in us. Others will challenge us right down to the metal of our character.


If our character is of high caliber then we can meet each situation with equilibrium and consciousness.


Do you have the strength to be sad? The steadiness to be angry at someone and still listen? The self confidence to receive a complement? The clarity to filter truth from a global broadcast of fear and confusion? The self knowledge to trust your senses?


The essence of caliber is clarity and deep trust in the self. When we have full trust in ourselves and know that others can trust us, then we are experiencing our truest and highest caliber. The key to honing our caliber lies very specifically in the nurturing of intuition. The more connected we are to our inner knowing, the more we are able to expertly ride the waves of our emotions and thought forms with skill and discernment. Our actions and reactions will then flow from a place of neutrality and we will engage the world with maturity, presence and the kind of lightness and warmth that elevates and uplifts all.


How do you want to show up for this sweet mystery that is life?

Practice at home

Caliber of Life meditation

This meditation adjusts the projection and command of the breath. It improves the caliber of your capacity to reach excellence in life. It is known to conquer normal depression and discouragement. It builds tremendous strength into the nervous system.

Posture: Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh. (chin lock)

Mudra: Extend both arms straight forward, and parallel to the ground. Curl the fingers of the right hand into a fist. Extend the thumb straight up. Keep the elbow straight and move the fist to the center of the body. Move the left arm to the center and wrap the fingers of the left hand around the outside of the right hand’s fist. Extend the left thumb straight up. Adjust the grip of the hands to that the thumbs can touch along their sides as they point up. The tips of the thumbs will form a little “V” like a gunsight.

Eyes: Focus the eyes on the thumbnails and through the “V.” Look through the V like a gunsight, seeing far away and seeing the V.

Breath: Inhale deeply and fill the lungs for 5 seconds. Exhale completely and empty the lungs for 5 seconds. Then suspend the breath out as you stay still for 15 seconds.

Time: Continue this breath cycle for 3-5 minutes. Slowly build up to 11 minutes. Do not exceed 11 minutes.