“Give me ecstasy, give me naked wonder, O my Creator! Give birth to the Beloved in me, and let this lover die. Let a thousand wrangling desires become one Love.”

— Rumi

Ecstasy is defined by Merriam Webster as “a state of being beyond reason and self-control.”  From a western perspective, this is an undesirable state.  I mean Heaven forbid we should lose our reason, right? While it’s true that we need to utilize our reason to act effectively in this world, from a Yogic perspective, reason is an aspect of the dualistic mind. This mind lumps things in categories, helps us make decisions in life and navigate our choices.

However, Yoga is a path of SELF realization and the Self with the capital S exists beyond the skin of duality. This is the Self that is hardwired to the throbbing heart of the universe.  Think of it?  When you experience what you would describe as ecstasy, do you experience it with your mind? I don’t.  My mind drops away or is blown open and there is an upwelling of energy from somewhere deep within. This charge courses outward to my periphery and that periphery dissolves into the pulsating presence of the universe as if I become plugged into the electric current of all that is.

Spiritually ecstatic states can come through deep immersion in music or movement. They can come through heartfelt prayer, or in the witnessing of something beautiful. They can arrive through deeply connected physical intimacy and pure presence in alone-ness.  They can arrive in profound joy and unbearable sorrow. They never arise in the calculations of the mind unless an impossible koan comes to blow the mind apart. So, we can safely say that Ecstasy is a feeling state and one that requires us to be absolutely tuned in to whatever we are doing.  If we can establish this profound heart connection and drop the mind, it is possible for us to become one with the divine charge that sets the worlds in motion.

As we move into sultry August, the invitation from us at Illumina East is to let go of the mind and enter the beauty of your living.  Let your deep presence with everything you see, touch & do open you to losing your (s)elf and finding your (S)elf in the primal throb of a loving and ecstatic universe.

Practice at home

Meditation for Self-Stimulation into Ecstasy

This meditation will lead you to the state of ecstasy and will create a protective shield around you.

Part One

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with an erect spine and hands in Gyan Mudra.

Breath: Inhale in 3 equal parts through the nose. Easily hold the breath as you turn the head over the right shoulder. Exhale and return the head to center. Be very calm and quiet. Concentrate at the root of the nose.

Repeat the breath, but turn the head to the left.

Continue alternating.

Mantra: On the inhale, mentally vibrate the mantra, Sat Naam, Sat Naam, Sat Naam. On the exhale, mentally
vibrate Wahe Guru.

Time: Continue for 7 minutes.

Part Two


In this exercise, you will experience a pressure in the forehead that will center at the Third Eye Point. Just go into a deep relaxation. This is a high attainment.

Posture: Relax by extending the legs straight and bend forward grasping the toes. Let the head relax and meditate at the root of the nose. Focus all the energy there. Let the mind go. Project into the cosmos.

Time: Continue for 5 – 7 minutes.