October Theme of the Month

Beyond Illusion

Who are you?

This is the consummate Yogic question.

We ask ourselves this question and for most of us a litany of descriptors follow.  “I am (insert name, what we do for work, what we’ve struggled with, what we hope for, what we stand for, what we aspire to, how we feel, where we came from, where we are heading…on and on and on…).

These statements may all be true on some level and are worth articulating in order to understand where we are right now in the context of our very human lives. And yet, from the standpoint of Yogic philosophy, these truths are still limited and do not completely speak to the great underlying Truth which is So Hum or So Hung(“I am all that is”). As long as we do not fully believe in, and work toward embodying the understanding that we are unified with the great “Am-ness”, we are living under the veil of Illusion, a cloudy ceiling imposed on a limitless space.

As we move into the introspective months of the year and into the season of release, it feels empowering to actively look at the ways in which we choose not to recognize or reveal the infinite self within…the masks we wear (both ominous and beautiful ), the terms we use to define ourselves that limit our vision, and the patterns we repeat that keep us small.

May we stand together as a community and call on the practices that assist us in removing the veils and releasing outworn tendencies while strengthening our belief in the vastness that is our true identity. Rooted in the great “Knowing”, we can weather the seasons of our lives with regal grace and grow in freedom onward, outward and upward through a boundless sky.

The Vedas cannot show you Brahman, you are that already. They can only help to take away the veil that hides the truth from our eyes…Identify yourself with Atman not with human limitations. The idea that we are bound is only Illusion (Maya). Freedom is inseparable from the nature of Atman.
This is ever pure, ever perfect, ever unchangeable.

Swami Vivekananda

Cycles of Life- Harvest

October 20th 3:30-6:30pm



Samhain, the transition to the new year, is the time of our ancestors.  We call on their wisdom, asking what we can learn from them to gain an awareness of what we might shed in order to transform.  It is time to die so that we might be reborn.  It is time to commune with those mysteries within that are, as yet, unformed and unspoken.  It is time to forgive, to choose that release which allows us to soar to new vantage points of possibility.  You are invited to gather as we prepare for the coming full moon and Samhain.  This workshop will include physical practice and ritual celebration followed by a communal potluck.  Please bring some vegetarian food and/or drink to share.  If you wish, you may also bring something to contribute to the communal altar.
$45 advance /$55 day of

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