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Illumina derives from the Latin word illuminare, “to bring light to”. We created a vibration in our space for you to explore the hidden places within and to fully access your innate potential for expansion. This is what we bring light to. We all have the ability to shine and radiantly stand in our own truth.

Do you have the strength to meet your challenges? The steadiness to be angry at someone and still listen? The self confidence to receive a complement? The clarity to filter truth from confusion? The self knowledge to trust your senses? Here you will find the right tools and space to do so.

What Our Community Says

I would never get up every Saturday morning, in the winter, if I didn't need to go to Illumina. Wish I didn't need to go, honestly. I'm not trying to be a yoga person. But, I am trying to be a better person. That's why Illumina is special. It's not just about the yoga, what people think yoga is or is limited to. Yoga is an extension of who I am and an expansion of who I can become.


Illumina builds community, I feel that I practice amongst friends there. That’s not to say that I know everyone, although I wish I did. It means that when I am there, I I feel at ease, I feel ready and supported in focusing and deepening my practice. At the same time, I feel free and able to be playful and expressive. I often enjoy a good laugh during my practice, and that’s very important to me. I think that Illumina teachers are big-hearted people, and that draws in students that have heart. It feels right and important to be in such a thoughtful and inspiring environment. I’m extremely grateful for Illumina.


Illumina is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Your yoga classes have helped me to be patient and keep going on when things have been difficult....and stretching is always a good idea.


I have learned the importance of a tightly-knit sangha born out of shared experiences at class, sound events and joyous community bonding. The students are of an eclectic and far-reaching range, meaning of all age groups, very artistic and genuinely caring.


Illumnia has and continues to push me to unlock a new part of myself. Beyond the physical yoga, it's the feeling of the space, the music, the mantras and owners that you can really feel have put themselves into making this studio as great as it is.


I have learned to trust in my strength, and be patient with myself and others. How to relax. I have also overcome physical challenges and continue to get stronger and healthier in mind a body.


New York City can feel extremely draining and overwhelming at times, Ilumina has helped me not only recharge, but be grateful and enjoy my life in the city more. It feels like a second home to me in NYC. It is the community of teachers and students who make it so.


My practice at Illumina is one of the things I set my schedule around each week. In other words, it is a very important part of my life. My practice helps me cultivate presence and a sense of being, it helps me quiet my chattering mind in a manner that provides an important 'reset' and also gives me tools to better thrive in my life off the mat.